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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps were three very famous flights of steps in front of a big church. All together there were a hundred and thirty eight steps, interrupted by terraces of flowers. People, well, hundreds of people, were leisurely seated, relaxing, on the steps. I eagerly skipped up to the top level, ready to relax

Sitting on the steps, enjoying life, I'm watching the world go by... People walking down the street, minding their own beeswax, not noticing my watchful eyes... Sipping on a slushy, lemon flavoured, it's nice because its cold and fresh..

Ahh, yes, this was nice...

The grey stone steps were now filled with people just enjoying life. Hawkers were selling cheap toys and stuff, walking round with bags crammed full of them. I bought a laser projector, and I was really happy with the bargain I got. Yes, this was good...

At the top of the steps was a little stall full of paintings, originals, that were just beautiful. The man that ran it, the artist, showed us through all his paintings. We bought two, one of a Venetian canal, and the second depicting a few horses galloping through a river. It was immaculately detailed.

Spanish Steps

Fountain at the bottom of Spanish steps

THE Cafe Greco near Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps packed with people at night

Playing with my new laser pen

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  1. I like your laser pen. When you get back can I have a go.